June 16, 2013

From the moment I started wandering the streets of Venice, I was in love. It has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world because it is just so unique. All the buildings are different and so old, the canals are bustling with gondolas and water taxis, yet it is peaceful at the same time, oh and there are incredibly cute restaurants everywhere you turn.


We rented a room from a guy named Andrea and his girlfriend Giorgia. It was a perfect location right in between Rialto Bridge and St. Mark’s Square. The apartment was teeny tiny. Up a flight of stairs we found a two bedroom, one bath + kitchen flat. No living area, just two bedrooms, one bathroom (with a window strategically attached to the shower exposing parts of you to the neighbour’s window 10 feet away) and a tiny eat in kitchen… and I thought our apartment was small. Luckily though our room was spacious. It was our first experience with no air con this trip and it’s one I would prefer not to experience again. I’d say it was right up there with one of the hottest, most uncomfortable nights of my life since we didn’t even have a fan. Pair the fact that I couldn’t bear to cover myself with a sheet along with the fact that there was a mosquito infestation and you will understand why I am very tired and itchy today. Andrew was luckily so tired from his ankle sprain that he slept solidly the whole night through, with a sheet cover and no bites to show. He didn’t even budge or move an inch when I was crawling all over him trying to kill the little bastards that would land on the wall near his head.  Thankfully I was there to protect him!

But… It was also a wonderful experience. Meeting a local Italian who was so hospitable and helpful was a treat. Andrea had prepared a map with all the places he recommended for us to go. Since we had less than 24 hours in Venice we only got to visit a few places but one of my favourites was this interesting little bookstore. It claims to be the most beautiful bookstore in the world and I may have to agree.


I mostly just loved walking up and down the alleyways, taking in the sights, and even getting lost was a pleasant experience. It is such a cool place to explore, if only there weren’t soooo many tourists (yes, I realise I am one of them). Andrew and I took a gondola ride this afternoon and I’m definitely glad we paid the money. It was nice to sit back and check out some of Venice without the walking since Andrew and I are both currently gimpy with our feet. Luckily his sprain is getting better.


Our meals weren’t the best here. I did have some good penne arrabiata but it wasn’t any better than the stuff I get in Sydney. Andrew tried squid ink pasta for the first time but wasn’t a big fan. We likened our second courses at dinner (chicken/fish and veggies) to something you would get on an airplane. At least the service was really good. I still haven’t had pizza or pastries… perhaps we’re saving our pizza eating for Rome and Naples.

Now we’re on to our next stop, Bologna. Two hours on an non-air conditioned train isn’t overly pleasant but it’s a whole hell of a lot better than the last time I left Venice on a train with some serious food poisoning or weird virus. Andrew is looking forward to some spaghetti bolognese and I’m excited to try the tortellini- something they are known for.

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