For once in my life, I am the first to get ready in a house full of people. Andrew, Gatty and Beth are all still getting ready to go out, and I sit on the couch patiently waiting. We are going down to some bar down the street. Andrew tried to get me to wear my steve madden wedges but considering I think I’m getting shin splints and my thighs are internally bleeding from the (mostly uphill) walk/runs I did yesterday and today… I decided to wear flats. Ok, I guess that it’s pretty impossible to have something be MOSTLY uphill. I guess it’s half and half- but the entire second half is uphill so that’s when I die and just want to get on hands and knees and crawl. I don’t think I can walk much more today before my legs give out. I’m sure I’ll be getting piggy back rides on the way home after 2 or 3 drinks.  Ok 2 more people down, now we are just waiting for 1 to finish getting ready. I guess I’ll be going now.

Oh.. and now that it is officially September 1st in USA and in Australia — Happy 1st Birthday to my little nephew Carter.

1 week til my bday!!!



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