Study it… remember it… listen to the annoying neverending wave sound effects…enjoy it while you can, because on Sunday- it will be GONE! Replaced by a much fresher, cooler, more appealing website. Six months of hard work (and the last 2 weeks of insane stress) will finally pay off. Thanks to some amazing, hard-working designers, developers and all our peeps at IT Problem Solver… Islands Restaurants is getting a makeover!!! It may not be 100% perfect, but it better be damn well close! Go eat some yummy food there on Sunday for the 1st day of their 25th anniversary celebration!

On a completely unrelated topic… HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PUT ON A DANG ROOF??? Seriously… they have been hammering away on my next-door neighbor’s house at 7 am EVERY DAY for the last week. There are a million guys out there- it shouldn’t take that long!!! WHYYYY? And they aren’t even done which means they will be out there tomorrow. Hopefully they have a later start on the weekends. 🙁

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