When we first got engaged, I was the crazy obsessed bride. I assume this happens to most girls in the month following the proposal… at least that’s what I hear. I read blogs, checked out The Knot?50 times a day, researched photographers non-stop, called vendors and visited wedding forums. Then once I had planned a few things everything totally died down. I had done about as much as I could do from the other side of the world considering we still had a year until the wedding so I needed to chill out a bit.?

Well, once I got back to California, obsession took over again. I met with the caterer Friday and?had a tasting. My mom filled in as my surrogate fiance (and as the designated beef taster) and I was really happy with the food. I’m pretty sure we’ll put a deposit on that in the next couple of weeks. I also was able to visit the residence where we’ll be having the wedding as well. I’ve been there a million times but it was nice to see it again with fresh wedding eyes. The DJ came and met me there so he could scope out the setting and determine the equipment he’ll need to bring. In person I am so happy with how I THINK it will turn out. If it ends up how I imagine, it will be beautiful. :)?

Lastly, I finally got to experience?the most exciting bridal task of all – dress shopping!! I really struggled to find anything I liked at?first but then I found two dresses I LOVE. They are both beautiful in different ways. They look NOTHING like each other so I really have to decide what type of look and feel I want to go for. I found them Saturday when? I went shopping with my mom, sister and perfect little niece. I was so torn between the two that I went back tonight with my best friend Jen. Yeah, the 2nd trip didn’t make it much easier. I’m still so torn although I am thinking one is starting to?take a slight lead over the other. I? know so many girls try on a dress and just KNOW that it’s the right one.?Well I?got that feeling, but with 2 dresses. How do I pick one without wondering for the next 9 months if I made the right decision????

I seriously love planning our big day. I will be so happy to marry Andrew yet so sad when the day is over. Kinda like the day after Christmas when you know you have a whole year before you get to celebrate another one. That’s how?I’ll feel times 10 because I’ll never get to plan a wonderful wedding where I get to marry my wonderful love ever again. Then what will I have to look forward to???Please don’t say babies.?Waking up?6 times a night to a screaming, pooping baby is not?nearly as?fun as deciding on centerpieces.

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  1. The day after ours was just an extension of the wedding with two brunches, visiting with close friends and family. So don’t despair, it doesn’t end after the wedding day!

    Then of course is the honeymoon…

  2. What are we eating anyway? I still don’t have a clue. It makes me happy that you’re happy doing all the planning because that means I don’t have to have any involvement. It’s win win! I’m sure you’re doing a great job though babe 🙂

  3. I had that exact same feeling Elsja! It was such fun planning, and then the big day comes and you’re into it, and the next day it hits you. It’s over. No more wedding planning. My sadness was acute! lol Enjoy every moment because they go by faster than you realize.

    As far as the dress thing goes, one suggestion would be to wear your hair really pretty and try on the dresses again and have someone take pictures of you in them. Then after you upload them on the computer take a look at them and pick the one that jumps out at you right away. Good luck! You’ll be a beautiful bride!

  4. Well, maybe if one wedding isn’t enough, then you’ll have to do what the celebs do, and renew your vows in 10 years or something?!

    Excellent that you’re having so much fun with it. I am so jealous!

  5. Who says this can be your last wedding with the man you love. Just imagine how happy you can be to renew your vows at 25 years of marriage and at 50. You will be happy then for more reasons. You will be so happy to remarry sharing all the memories with him and everyone again. Don’t be sad, enjoy this time. It only gets better, promise. Jude and I are going on our 27th anniversary and I love him more than the day I married him because of all the memories we have made together. Congrats Elsja you will be a wonderful wife and mother when you and Andrew are ready for that endeavor.

  6. Yay! How fun! Enjoy the planning and the bridal stuff…it is indeed thrilling. As soon as you’re done with your CA wedding, plan a Sydney one too!

    I know how you feel…I got married for the second time in Sydney, very low key. Now I’m thinking of doing a Greek wedding in the US in a year or so. Of course it’s all a ruse so I can wear a different dress in the States and really enjoy how far bridal attire has come in the last decade!

  7. Believe it or not, you’ll be basking in the glow of how wonderful it turned out and that will stay that way, for a while. As for the next best thing to expect, I agree, the kids can wait… hehe.

    I think you’ll actually love being married. I know you feel that way already but I also know that for Erin and Jerad, it changed a bit. The rings, the marriage license and all those wedding gifts kinda make it feel a lot different! Plus as others have said, the honeymoon is so wonderful and a perfect way to get over the exhaustion.

    Last but not least, you get Andrew forever, the gift that keeps on giving. After almost 28 years with my guy, I can tell you he is life to me and each day always feels like Christmas.

    1. Thanks everyone and Monica… that is so sweet. I love hearing the wonderful love stories out there. There are just too many negative ones these days and the happy ones are very refreshing and inspirational!

  8. I’m sooo not saying “babies” to you, we were married 5 years before we decided to go there. Every time the nieces and nephews came to visit it was like the best advertisement for birth control. Enjoy your time without kids, because once you have them it’s like they’re ALWAYS around :0.

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