When I traveled to Amanda and Stephen’s wedding back in February, they hosted a little pre-wedding get-together before the actual big day. After attending the little shindig, I decided it would be a great thing to do for our wedding. Seeing as how 95% of Andrew’s clan had never met ANY of my clan, we thought it would be appropriate to round up the two groups, throw them together with some beer, pizza and a pool and see what happens.

Well I do believe it was a great success. I think the Aussies loved drinking out of the famous red cups that they always see in movies and I think they appreciated the lessons in the fine art of flip cup (p.s. the girls RULE over the boys).

And what did the Americans gain?? Well… they got to see just how crazy all the Aussies are! They witnessed first hand the reason why my drinking of wine with dinner has gone up tremendously since I moved to this country. The good ol’ American s’mores were a fantastic finale to the night for everyone!

Even though I was a bit stressed (and even cried) at the party… (hey, I was getting married in 2 days, I was extremely emotional), I think the party was a perfect idea! A big purpose of getting the groups together was to create a more social environment for our actual wedding night. If all the groups mingled before the big day they were more likely to mingle a bit more on the wedding night, right? Well that’s exactly what happened. I think the pre-party helped to make the wedding an even better night for everyone.

**I’d like to dedicate this blog to Shannon and Dougie Henderson and to Shawn H. to thank them for their “sponsorship” of this party. Shannon’s Candy bar and the Henderson hospitality (even when people were puking on the side of their house) were amazing and greatly appreciated. Shannon’s vodka soaked gummy bears – which let’s be honest, really tasted like fruity vodka goo – were “enjoyed” by all. Shawn and Oggi’s pizza supplied us with lots of DELISH pizza (that I still pretty much think about on a daily basis) and some great kegs of beer. To you all, I am eternally grateful! **

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