Today was the day… the day we had ALLLL been waiting for. The wedding shower of Miss Shannon Marcee Saenz, the first. (Soon to be Shannon Marcee Henderson, the first)!

shannon shower2.jpg

Jen’s Asian Inspired theme idea turned out beeeaauuutiful! I must admit, I am a bit biased because Asian inspired themes are my favorite for pretty much everything (clothing, house decor, parties, dishes, food, etc.) In fact, I have to say that I am a bit sad and jealous that the Asian idea has already been used, and I therefore cannot use this lovely theme for any parties in the near future (not that I actually intend on throwing a party anyways).

shannon shower1.jpg

Another special thanks goes out to Nicole! Without her cash flow, we wouldn’t have had this snazzy decor or any of the delicious food to go with it!!! Props to Alison for her spectacular skills in napkin folding. Just look at that picture above….fancy right? All those years working in restaurants were all worth it, just so we could have cool napkin settings for Shannon’s shower. While I’m at it, I’ll give a shout out to myself for putting together the games and fabulous Asian inspired prizes. I do believe my paper plate drawing of Shannon in her wedding dress really WAS the best (sorry Alexis). What can I say, I’ve got some clear talent in the over the head drawing department. Unfortunately, I was ineligible to win the fun gifts since I was the game coordinator, so the winnings went to Alexis.

 shower 3.jpg

Overall, I think everyone had a great time. Good food, good company, good theme, good games (hehe), and best of all, a WONDERFUL bride to be 🙂 Thanks to all the girlies for helping out. I think we all did a pretty darn good job putting together the first shower for the first of our bestest of friends to get married. Now… who’s next???


3 thoughts on “Wedding Shower Bliss”

  1. Yay, pretty shower! And you did an EXCELLENT job on the games. I liked the first one best. It was funny!! Fab prizes too. Yay! Now onto Vegas…

  2. B E A UTIFUL!!! Thank you for everything! You forgot give props to the wonderful bouquet you made! Yayay I loved everything! I love you!

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