With just over 7 months to go, I think we are in pretty good shape with the wedding planning. In all reality, I think I’m way ahead of where some people would be at this stage, but I still feel like there is so much to do. Some things I have NO idea about… like transportation, men’s tuxes and how to do my hair but at least I have most of the big stuff under control. Here’s a little recap on all that we’ve (i.e. I’ve) done to date.

Set the date.  Bought the dress. Picked the venue.  Booked the caterer and rentals.  Booked the DJ.  Booked the photographers.  Bought the bridesmaid dresses.  Started purchasing accessories. Reserved a florist.  Nearly finished with the invitation design. Partially completed our wedding website.  Figured out what we’re doing for favors. Set up a cake tasting appointment.  Nearly finalized the guest list. Started looking into blocking hotel rooms for out of town guests. Got the guest book all sorted out.  Designed the centerpieces.  Picked some of the music. Wrote out a tentative schedule of  the day.

I still am not sick of it all. I still am not stressed.

I want to plan our wedding forever and ever.

5 thoughts on “Wedding Update”

  1. I am so excited that you’re truly enjoying it. I enjoyed planning Erin’s wedding with her, as well. Actually, it wasn’t the wedding, but the reception, since they had a destination wedding. It was great.

    I’m not going to ask, since I’m sure you’re wanting to keep all the details a surprise but I can’t wait to see everything you’ve chosen, from your colors to your cake design. Enjoy!

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