Ok so I try not to make this blog all about wedding stuff. People would probably just get really bored reading about that all the time;?however, by attempting to avoid the wedding talk, all I’m doing is avoiding blogging all together- and that’s no fun!

So screw it… I’m going to update everyone on our wedding plans! Here’s what we’ve (i.e. I’ve) done to date…

1. Set the date- Aug 28th, 2010!!

2. Picked the venue (a.k.a. our awesome family friends’ home)

3. Created the guest list

4. Picked the color scheme

5. Found bridesmaid dresses that I love

6. Booked the DJ

7. Booked the photographers (I’m so excited that these guys will be our photographers. I LOVE their artsy style)

8. Got some catering quotes

9. Planned ideas for?flowers and talked to a florist

10. Gathered up all my crafty, creative and artsy friends to help design invitations, centerpieces and other decor

11. Pretty much have the favors all sorted out

Wow… I’m going to run out of stuff to do. Does anyone else need my help with planning their wedding? Evidently I’m really good at it!

12 thoughts on “Wedding Update”

  1. Don’t worry about boring your blog readers with weddding stuff. This is one the most exciting times of your life! Enjoy it and share it!

  2. I imagine your readership is mostly feminine so I wouldn’t worry too much about wedding related posts.
    The photographers’ portfolio is fantastic. Good pick!

  3. Hey, Just saw that you picked a CA photographer so I’m assuming you are having your wedding there. My question for you is will you have a big party here afterwards, and if so, will you get done up in your wedding dress again? Do an engagement party here instead? What about a bachelorette party-both here and there? I hope those questions aren’t too intrusive- I just see an engagement on the horizon for myself potentially and wondered how you do it so everyone is included in some way. Oh, and also…Groomsmen, since you are having your wedding there will Andrew have groomsmen other than a sibling or people from your family?
    These are the questions that keep me up at night and like I said, I’m still not even engaged to my Aussie.

    1. We’re doing everything in the states! No engagment party (saving money for the actual wedding). Bachelor and Bachelorette parties will both be there as well (all his friends want to go to vegas). Most of the people we know here want to travel out there so we’re pretty lucky in that sense. We know not everyone will make it, but I think a lot of people will so we’re just doing it all there. He’ll have 1 brother and 2 friends for groomsmen and all my bridesmaids are in the US. I know not everyone is in a lucky situation like we are- but I just didn’t want to do 2 celebrations. If NO ONE could travel to the US, we probably would- but since most people seem to want to come, then we’re sticking to 1 big event.

  4. Thanks for answering all my questions, Elsja! That is so cool that everyone is traveling out for you guys. I wish our friends were a little more adventurous and would come over for our wedding because I really want to have it in CA, too. I think in the end we’ll have to do two big parties, if it does happen, but I don’t know how to work out the groomsmen situation for him in the States. Anyway, counting my chickens before they are hatched again! I don’t think I’ve said it to you yet, but I have been following along with the engagement stuff and Congratulations to you guys! You might be sick of writing about it, but I’m not sick of reading about it!

  5. heyyy my first comment! i was looking at the photographer you chose, and its the same one monica and ricketts had! theres pics of them in the engagement section. so cute, youre going to have awesome pictures!

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