We’ve had a great first week with my parents! We’ve managed to stay pretty busy with just a few days of relaxation here and there which is always good.

After a day at Darling Harbour and Wildlife World we relaxed a bit and then got geared up for the Bridge Climb. This was a surprise for my dad and it turned out to be a good one since one of the first things he noticed as he drove in were the people climbing the bridge. He had no idea you could do that- but of course he quickly became interested. I knew my mom would want nothing to do with climbing the bridge- she’s afraid of heights. While they market the climb as good for overcoming your fears- I just don’t think my mom really has any desire to overcome her fears on this particular vacation. The climb was a lot easier than I expected. The incline is so slight that it wasn’t tough at all. I have no fear of heights so the “looking 400 feet down” didn’t bother me. I used to have a fear of bridges though… clearly that is no longer a problem. It was a great experience… and it means I get to cross off  number 37 from my 101 list (again). I’ve already crossed it off because it states “Do the Harbour Bridge climb or at least walk across it”- well, now I’ve done both!

On Friday my parents had breakfast at Pancakes on the Rocks and enjoyed a day riding around on one of those big red busses that takes people all around the city. They could hop on and off whenever they wanted so they were able to see the Opera House, the Botanical Gardens and a few other touristy places.

Saturday mom, dad and I ventured out to Paddy’s markets near Chinatown. I had never been there so it was a first for me as well. After about 5 minutes I could tell my dad was miserable. I guess the whole “shopping for souvenirs” gene is just missing from all males. We stayed for about an hour and then found somewhere to eat lunch which was not easy. Food courts in Chinatown mainly consist of some bad Chinese food and gross looking ocean variety fast-food…I think I’ll pass on the Salmonella today thanks! So to avoid more shopping misery, my dad took off to go jump on that red bus again and my mom and I continued at Paddy’s. I must say- if you want cheap souvenirs- that is definitely the place to go!! Evidently, it’s also the place to go if you want wigs, trashy underwear and slutty costumes *making mental note*.

Saturday night we all met Andrew’s dad in the city and had a great dinner at Wagamama and then grabbed a coffee at a place in King Street Wharf!

Sunday we drove to Andrew’s dad’s for tea and scones…yum…and my parents got to meet the rest of Andrew’s family. We then headed over to his Mum’s to enjoy a wonderful BBQ lunch/dinner with the family.

Monday we cleaned. I’m sure that was the highlight of the whole trip so far!

Or maybe the highlight has been feeding the birdies every day and then watching them go make out. Yes, you read that right! Birdies go into the tree to make out sometimes and my dad nicely pointed this out to me (thanks). I actually find it more comforting to imagine that one just might be regurgitating food into the other’s mouth. That would be more pleasant to me than to imagine these birds getting it on in plain sight. I guess it does confirm my theory that these two are in love. Oh and boy birdy is much nicer to girl birdy these days- he doesn’t get all pissed when she tries to steal his grapes. Maybe they went to birdy counseling.

I think we’ve had a good first week 🙂

Before I go… I’d like to wish a very HAPPY 81st Birthday to my grandma Bonnie! 🙂 love you!

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  1. I LOVE your birdies! I mean I know I haven’t ever met them – but the stories are so cute!!!

    Ok so I’m so glad I caught your comment before I left for NZ!! There are two amazing places where you should take your parents.

    #1 – Bondi – Coogee Walk. Down at Bondi Beach there is a place called “Icebergs” and just past the building is the start of the “Bondi-Coogee” walk. You can find pics of it on my blog if you want at australiandaisy[dot]com/2008/11/09/sculptures-by-the-sea/ (sorry – not trying to spam you but thought you may want to see it before you head over there.)

    The second place is in Vaucluse. (That’s where I went this weekend.) The address is Christison Park, Old South Head Road, Vaucluse. The park seems like just a soccer field but if you’re facing the coast – on the right hand corner of the park is the start of the walk. It will take you past the lighthouse and eventually it will seem like it ended (but it didn’t) if you’re in the park “at the end” facing the street (away from the coast) walk to your right down the road and you will find the next bit of the walk (this is where you will start seeing the harbour bridge) … keep going along that walk and you will run into Watsons Bay but don’t stop there!!! Hike up the hill for more stunning views. It took us 4 hours (walking there and then back) but you could easily catch a bus at the end to take you back to your car.

    Tonight I’m posting the events and locations of where I WOULD be if I were in Sydney this week. It’s the Harbour Bridge celebration week and I know of a few events … if this comment weren’t already so flippin’ long I’d post it here … but anyway – I hope that helps!! Cheers!

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