Here are a few updates from my weekend:

1. My drive to Glebe was successful and my new Garmin GPS was very helpful. I must admit- it helped that I already basically knew where I was going, but it got the job done. I’m proud of myself that I made it! Driving across the bridge has been this big fear of mine since I moved, but it’s not even bad. It’s knowing which lane to exit into that is the toughest part!

2. My hair turned out great. I’d highly recommend Steve at Stevie English. Such a great guy and I didn’t even have to give him much direction, he knew what my hair needed and that’s exactly what I was hoping for.

3. Julz’ and Leighton’s wedding was great. Andrew looked very handsome in his tux and of course the bride and groom looked very nice as well. Julz’ dress was beautiful on her! There are some pictures HERE and HERE.

4. I have kind of a nice talent that earns me some cash from time to time. I chug beers. Now, to me this doesn’t seem like a great talent, but it has been known to make me quite a bit of money in my days. The best time was when a friend bet me 60 bucks that I couldn’t drink 3 beers in 10 minutes. Well, 10 minutes later I was 60 bucks ahead. It’s just so easy, but I guess not all girls think so. I’m particularly fond of the warm beer chug. This one earns me more because everyone always thinks it isSO much grosser. However, it’s actually MUCH easier. Cold beer is way harder to put down just because the temperature freezes my throat! So anyways, all of Andrew’s friends have already seen this once before, so when I tried to swindle some cash out of them at the wedding, they all said no. UNTIL they got drunker and really just wanted to see me chug the warm beer that was sitting on the table. So 1 beer chug later I  was 15 dollars and 1 hangover richer. And I think it was quite entertaining for the table next to us who had NO idea what I was doing… until they saw me shoving 5 dollar bills in my purse 🙂 Classy.

5. After the wedding, I told Andrew “This is the first time since I moved here in 2007 that we haven’t had one of your school friends’ wedding to look forward to.” (We’ve been to 5 now in the last 1.5 years). Yeah, well that lasted a whopping 18 hours or something. Last night his good friend John got engaged to his now fiance, Kalee. So congrats to them and bring on more weddings.

5. The birdies came back today. They were on a 2 week vacation or something. I really thought they were pissed that my parents left and decided they could never come to our apartment ever again. So imagine my excitment when I was lying in bed this morning and I heard them outside screaming at us. I jumped out of bed and ran to the balcony and there they were. I missed our birdies.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend… now on to a new week!

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