kt.pngMy life is utterly, completely and disgustingly boring lately. I have spent the last 2 weeks (since I returned from Sydney) sitting on my couch… or bed… watching TV. Literally, that’s all I do! Tuesday-Thursday I worked, and last weekend I did have some social contact at my sister’s b-day party… but other than that and going to the gym, I have done nothing but watch obscene amounts of TV. While watching TV, I have also managed to update my itunes, clean out some old files and order pictures.. oh and the highlight of the last two weeks… I went to Target. The strange thing about all of this??? I am actually choosing this life. I prefer to sit at home and be lazy and miserable. Why?? Who knows?? This weekend I did want to go to a movie or something but unfortunately that did not happen. One good thing has come out of this television marathon madness… I discovered a new CD that I like. I heard a song on a show, and so I googled the lyrics and found out it was KT Tunstall, who I have heard, but never really paid much attention to. Anyways, I love this song… mostly because it applies to my life at the moment. Sadly, I could not find a link to the video for the song, but it’s called “Throw Me a Rope.”  I’ve listened to a few clips from other songs on a different album by her and I think I will buy it- or get it for free from Jen. Oooh and as I write this, there’s ANOTHER nice song on this show. It’s got a good soundtrack. I can’t wait til the end of the show when they say “tonight’s episode contained music from…” Ahhh the joys of sitting on my ass at home 24/7!!

1 thought on “What a bore!!”

  1. Well begining 10/26 I can keep you really busy….remodeling! That’s what friends are for, right? See, I just filled your schedule so you can stop watching so much TV! You realize I’m serious right?

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