Never in my life have I heard noises coming from the attic. I always kind of wanted to in a way… thought it may help me believe in ghosts. Anyways… tonight there is definitely something up there. From the sounds of it, it is a medium to large size rat. It is scurrying from the left side of my bedroom to the right. I don’t know why it has to run so quickly but it is definitely in some kind of hurry up there. At first i thought the noise was coming from outside… but I couldnt think of any animal that would be out there that would be running so quickly and that would be so loud! Yes, well the reason it is so loud is that it is right above my head. As long as it doesnt chew through the dry wall and fall on my face in the middle of the night, I’ll be fine. But I’ll forever be wondering… what’s up there???? Does anyone want to come and inspect it to find out???? Maybe this guy can come help!!


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