All my shows are over. 🙁 boohoo… Last week and this week I am saying goodbye to the following shows…



























































Whatever shall I do? What am I going to record all week? What am I going to watch marathons of on the days where I’m home bored with nothing to do? I really hope some new wonderful shows start up… but I just haven’t seen any previews for anything good. How sad is this?

And I must say, I was pretty disappointed with all the season finales I’ve seen so far (Grey’s Anatomy, DH, Heroes). I really hope Lost is good to make up for the last few let downs. They didn’t even leave me anxious for the new season to start. There aren’t really any cliffhangers that I need to know the answers to. I guess DH probably had the best of the 3…

Oh well, now on to the summer of lame TV.

2 thoughts on “Whatever Shall I do?”

  1. elsja, you don’t watch brothers and sisters? its on right after desperate housewives. i love it! its such a great soap opera 🙂 you should watch it this summer in reruns.

  2. Actually ben, I have watched it off and on all season… and it is good… but- it is not one of my shows that I will REALLY REALLY miss. 🙂

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