A list of some of the things I’ve done this week in my new life as a real adult:

1. Vacuumed. Nothing so special here- except the fact that I hardly ever cared about vacuuming before- and this week (or in the last 1 1/2 weeks) I did it twice AND had Andrew do it a 3rd time before our guests came over last night. Obsessive?

2. Ironed. Again, nothing special about ironing- except for the fact that I was ironing napkins and dish towels. Who irons dish towels?? That’s almost as pointless and freaky as ironing underwear.

3. Decided to make a pumpkin dessert. Jen inspired me with her stories of her fabulous pumpkin bar things- so I decided I’d make a dessert. So the weird part? I just steamed and mashed up a real pumpkin. I’m not using canned pumpkin (only because they don’t sell it here)… but seriously, steaming pumpkin and mashing it was so easy! I’m sure it will make my pumpkin dessert even that much more yummy. I just have to decide what I’m making- that’s another thing I did today- sat for hours trying to find recipes online. I think I may go with these.

4. Reupholstered 5 chairs. Yes 5… we do have 6 that were FINALLY delivered- but I only felt like doing 5.?

5. Made mashed potatoes for the first time in my life. Not that they are hard, I’ve just never needed to because I had my mom to make them for me and hers were the best anyways. Well I must say I am pretty proud of my first attempt and we have plenty of them (and some green bean/corn casserole that I also made) left over that we’ve frozen for future feasting. Oooh… alliteration.

That’s all for my nerdy update. Jen, I think you have a new?Susie Homemaker friend. Let’s start sharing recipes and cleaning secrets!

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