This week is like hospital/birthday nightmare week in my family. First it was baby Gianna giving us all a scare on her and Trevor’s birthday and now it’s my brother-in-law, Brett in the hospital today (on HIS birthday). He and my sister were here visiting from Texas last month and he was feeling a bit sick then. I guess he’s been to the Dr. since he got back to Texas but they didn’t really figure anything out. Well my sister took him to the emergency room and now they are doing millions of tests. So far they say he’s got acute pancreatitis and something is wrong with his liver because his skin is completely yellow. They are doing a Cat Scan today and they even mentioned the word “cancer” to my sister and so needless to say- she is not taking that well. But, like any medical issue, its “too early to tell” and it could be completely fine. He’s always been really healthy so at least that is positive. He is going to be in the hospital for this whole week which sucks! Another cruddy birthday but hopefully this one turns out better, just like Gianna and Trevor’s.

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