Where did all my hobbies go?

Not that I ever had many hobbies to begin with, but last year, I had a moment of hobby hope. A brief moment where I thought I may add something interesting to my life. It felt good, I felt positive and I felt like I was doing something productive with my time. But that moment was short lived.

I was going through old photos today and I found these…

This is a picture of James

This is my painting of the picture of James

Whatever happened to me painting? That was my first painting EVER really and I just kinda gave up after that. I think it’s pretty good for my first attempt, and who knows- I could get better with practice right? But, I guess I’ll never know because I NEVER do it!! I got really into it for like a week… then I lost motivation. I have all this free time lately with my internship winding down, and what do I do? I sit online blogging. Geez I’ve become the biggest internet geek. I really should get back to some more interesting hobbies.

15 thoughts on “Where did all my hobbies go?”

  1. Become? You have been ever since I’ve known you and that was 6 months ago? We met because you are an internet geek :p

  2. Fabulous painting šŸ™‚
    And Andrews right, you’ve been a computer geek for quote a while now, don’t front like this just happened. Geez.

  3. “I have all this free time LATELY with my internship winding down, and what do I do? I sit online blogging. Geez I’ve BECOME the biggest internet geek. I really should GET BACK to some more interesting hobbies.”

    Sorry, to me that sounds like it just happened…back me up here Jen šŸ˜‰

  4. you know…. an internet geek isnt all THAT bad… wait maybe it is, i dont know ask the person talking to me that i’m paying no attention to cause im commenting on your blog. Anyway, my point …
    My hobbies come and go too. And since we have some sort of common genetic code you can possibly blame our bloodline. I have no real goal as to being some photo-god anymore, nor do I have some desire to be an apiring musician of some sorts. I blame lack of time not nessasarilly lack of effort! You have great talent, but damn noone like you or I have time. šŸ™‚ When you sit at a desk this is just what happens.

  5. Your painting makes me look fatter than the actual picture. I think it’s time to break out some black paint and bring my cheeksin a bit… And, by the way, your blog is linked on my page now. You’re special.

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