No not those babies… A different baby species all together.  Let me tell you a little story about nature… get your barf bags ready.

Today I learned where maggots come from. Ok ok I already knew… they come from flies. Easy enough. People always get disgusted when flies land on food and stuff and while yes, it does gross me out… I don’t ever really freak out. Well now, I will be freaking.

I took a frozen chicken breast out of the freezer earlier today to defrost. It was wrapped up in it’s individual plastic bag and I set it in the sink as we always do. So 10 minutes ago I go into the kitchen to start chopping some veggies for dinner. I glance down in the sink at the chicken and see a fly on it. Eh, no biggy- it’s wrapped in plastic, the fly can do no harm. But then I saw something underneath the bag. Hmm I thought… is that nasty defrosted chicken juice oozing out of the bag? Could a fly actually eat through a plastic bag in order to get to the chicken? There was definitely something under there. And then it hit me…

That’s not chicken juice.

This is about the time that I nearly upchucked my lunch.

According to some websites (that I now wish I hadn’t visited), fly eggs can hatch within 24 hours if laid in a warm, damp place. Or, about  5 minutes if laid in Elsja’s sink next to our future dinner. I’ll spare you the pictures (of course I took some to show Andrew), but you can only imagine what I saw when I lifted that bag of chicken from the sink. 24 hours to hatch?  Yeah ok. The chicken had only been sitting there a max of 3 hours! I mean come on, the fly was still sitting there with all her squirmy babies just chillin’. Don’t flies usually dump those things and fly off to their next unsuspecting victim?

Dinner just doesn’t sound as good anymore. I’ve inspected the chicken… there were no actual traces of anything foul on the bag, just beneath it in the sink. But it still somehow doesn’t sound that appetizing.

5 thoughts on “Where do Babies Come from?”

  1. eww that is gross. I am completely scared of defrosting chicken… I am petrified of getting food poisoning from chicken for some reason, so I never freeze chicken.
    I have only just started defrosting mince…I like to think of them as baby steps.

    and I love the word “upchucked” havent heard that in ages!

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