Who’s Your Baby’s Daddy??

I’m at home watching some quality daytime TV while on my lunch break. I thouroughly enjoy watching Maury Povich paternity test shows. These are the best things ever! This show I’m watching is especially entertaining. Women from previous paternity test shows are back to test NEW potential daddies because clearly, testing the first 5, 6, and even 9 men just wasn’t enough!! I REALLY like the flashback clips of the first 6 show appearences where the mamas discovered the original 8 booty calls weren’t the right guys.

It’s really cool when the women scream at the men saying.. “I’m 250% sure that YOU are the father!!!” Um excuse me slizzzut… but if you were so sure about the first 7 guys you tested- (and p.s. – you were wrong by the way), what makes you sure that you’ve found the right daddy THIS time? It’s also really cool how all the women run screaming and sobbing off of the stage when they get the bad news… for the 9th time (as if it is a surprise). “Oooohh booo hooo, I’m such a floozey that I can’t find my baby’s daddy! Whhhyyy did’t I limit my sexual intake to 5 men for the month instead of my usual 15???”. (By the way, 90% of these girls are fat and ugly, so I don’t see how they found over 10 men to have sex with in a one month time frame in the first place).

Wow, I love daytime television.

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