Why must my feet and legs taste so delicious. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been attacked by mosquitoes (Aussie translation: mozzies) on my feet. What is it that attracts them to that one particular area of my body? Sure I’ll get one on my arm or back from time to time, but 90% of the bites I get are located from my calves down. I just did a little Google research and discovered that mosquitoes are attracted to stinky, smelly feet. Hmm… I didn’t think my feet stunk that bad!! And really, that doesn’t explain why I still get bites after taking baths at night.

While I’m on the topic of these foul creatures, I have a few other questions.

Why must they always bite in the exact area where my flip flops (Aussie translation: thongs) rub against as I walk?

How do mosquitos even find my legs and feet when they are curled up under my butt when I’m on the couch completely?covered by a blanket?

Since when do mosquito bites hurt? One of the latest from last night bit me on the bottom of my right foot, right in the middle of the arch. I couldn’t even walk for awhile without pain. It was stinging and burning and hot. Whatever happened to the simple itch?

What is a mosquito’s purpose in life? No really, I’m serious. I know spiders are ugly but they kill other unwanted bugs. Bees sting but they help pollinate. What the hell do mosquitoes do other cause agony and spread disease?

While doing my Google research, I founds some really helpful tips for repelling mosquitos on THIS SITE. Some of them were pretty funny so I thought I’d share in case any of you have a problem with these feet biting demon bugs like I do!


Eat garlic. Mosquitoes (and vampires) dislike the natural skin secretion caused by garlic. If you don’t mind like smelling like a Pizza Hut bread stick, a daily dose of 1,500 mg of fresh garlic or a 15 mg capsule will do the trick.

Attract bats. Some say that one small, brown bat can catch 600 mosquitoes per hour. Build or buy yourself a bat house.

Drink tonic water, with or without gin, vodka or other choices of spirits.

Vinegar. If you don’t mind smelling like a pickle, rub vinegar on yourself.



Hmm… eating garlic breadsticks and drinking vodka tonics doesn’t sound so bad!

5 thoughts on “Why are my feet so tasty?”

  1. A couple weeks ago I had 7 bites on my foot – all painful, itchy, and swollen. I’m pretty sure they were ant bites. Any chance a few of yours were too? I found putting ice on mine helped.

  2. WAIT!! are the mosquitos bad this time of year? i always get so many bites on my legs/feet – and literally nowhere else!

    i SWEAR by avon skin-so-soft. it is the only thing that keeps them mostly at bay, and doesn’t make me feel like a bottle of chemical bug spray.

    now i know i need to bring it with me!

  3. Was told this camping when just a little kid and has worked for me and EVERYONE that I know. Take vitamin B1 once a day. Most people are skeptical until they take the lid off of a bottle and smell them. Yeck!! That?s how your blood smells to the mosquitoes and they wont touch you. And the good news is that people will never smell it!!

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