WHY is Australia SOOO Expensive

As many of you know, I have frequently discussed how most things in Australia are very expensive compared to here. For instance:

1. A case of corona…. $70!!!

2. An oil change….$80!!!

And clearly concerts are no exception. Take a look at the comparison of a Muse concert here (which I am going to) and a Muse concert there (which I wanted to go to, but now realize I will NOT be going).












WTF?? Seriously that ruined my night.




5 thoughts on “WHY is Australia SOOO Expensive”

  1. yessss kent of course I know that silly! So lets try this again:

    case of corona: $57
    oil change: $66
    Muse concert: STILL $68-78

    sucks ass. I really wanted to go!

    P.S. Amanda- Aussies don’t actually drink Fosters. Americans just think they do. HAHA

  2. yeh, it’s still way expensive, i just felt you were misleading us loyal elsja.com readers 😉

    the dollar’s getting weaker too, which makes your situation even worse. taka still has most of her money in a japanese bank account, so it’s value has been going up pretty steadily in value in american dollars. you might want to leave alot of your savings in an american account until the dollar regains some strength.

  3. wow. this is an educational thread… and i just left a comment about beer (that apparently people don’t even drink in aus). hahaha.

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