Ok so I promised a story about the neighbor whorebag. Well here it is…

Andrew and I have lived here 2 years. In the 2 years, we’ve never ever had a late night noise complaint. I do specify late night because there was one time when we first moved in that I was on an elliptical machine that was making a horrible clunking noise and our downstairs neighbor kindly came up and mentioned that it was a bit loud. That was totally fair and we made sure to keep it down. That was 2 years ago. Since then, not one complaint… ever!

On the flipside, we’ve definitely had OUR fair share of issues with loud/annoying neighbors. Here are just a few I wrote about…

Sex neighbors

Foreign neighbors

But have we complained? No. Did we call and yell at these people? No. We don’t complain because it’s not a regular occurrence. If it were, we might be ruder.

So imagine how annoyed I am when someone actually calls me to complain on a Friday night at 10:40pm. This lady has serious issues!! There were 5 girls in my apartment playing a board game. Not even a loud game, just a simple game. We were laughing and chatting but that’s it. No screaming, no banging, nothing.

The intercom buzzes. WHO on earth could it be at 10:40? So I answer and this is what I hear (paraphrased):

Slutface (in a snotty, snotty tone): “You guys REALLY need to keep it down, you’re really loud and you’re bothering the ENTIRE apartment building.”

Me: “Oh I’m so sorry, I’ll close the balcony door.”

Whorebag (in a troll voice): “Yeah… and keep it down”

Me: “Yeah ok, I’ll close the door” (that was my attempt at passive aggression by reiterating that the only thing I was going to do was close the door. Andrew thought this was TOTALLY weak and  he would have told her off right then and there. )

WTF??? It was 10:40 on a Friday!! Now, while I TOTALLY respect that some people DO have to sleep at 10:40 on a Friday, I hardly think we were keeping the ENTIRE building awake. I also fail to understand why she couldn’t just say “hey guys, sorry to bother you but you guys are really loud- would you mind keeping it down?”

UGH I hate this evil witch and I would LOVE to know who she is so I could give her really dirty looks.

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  1. Total slutface!!! I had a neighbor like that once. SHE was as noisy as can be and then ONCE I had my music up just a LITTLE loud and she comes down bangs on the door and drops a couple f bombs. Real class – as in trash.

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