I slacked off a bit on my WiiFit action when my parents were here and I haven’t REALLY gotten back into it. Sure I’ve done my 10 minutes of hula hoop here and there, but my 30 minute per day workouts became a thing of the past.

Until today.

I realized that my WiiFit can be so much more fun when I turn down the volume and crank up the new music I downloaded off of Itunes last week.

I also learned that the “free step” can be fun! Wii tells you to stay on beat or else your steps won’t be counted. Well the beat is just way too slow… boring. I don’t see how it can be beneficial stepping on a board 2 inches off the ground at a slow pace. SO I said screw the beat, I’m just going to step in time with some Flo Rida and M.I.A. And guess what? The Wii lies! It DOES count your steps even if you go way faster than you’re supposed to.

So I felt good after my 47 minute cardio work out. Even running in place for 26 minutes was fun when I had some tunes to run to. I just kinda turned it into a WiiFit run/step/shake/dance session. I’m pretty sure I got a lot more out of it with the addition of some music.

I also felt good after drinking 3 liters of water today. I figured April would be a good month to start #1 from my 101 list- Drink at least 2 liters of water every day for a month. The whole peeing every 10 minutes thing isn’t so fun- but I can tolerate it I suppose. It’s for my health, right? But WHY am I still thirsty?

So If I combine the revitalized WiiFit sessions with my 2 liters of water, 2-3 sessions of yoga that I’ve been doing every week and top that off with a trip to the gym here and there do you think it will counter the effects of the half a large pizza that I ate tonight?

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