You’ve all heard the term “wine snobs” before right? You know… the people who are SUPER picky about their wine and will only drink from a particular year, brand or region? Well I am definitely NOT a wine snob. I like most any type of wine and of course have my favorites as well as a few that I’ll stay away from simply because I do not like the taste. I’m more likely to choose a wine based on how cool the label looks as opposed to the description on the back of the bottle.  Clearly I’m not picky.

Well I learned a lesson the other day… animals in nature can be pretty snobby too.

Like our birds.

Our birds came back to us even after we deserted them for 3 weeks while we were away. I was so happy to see them but I wasn’t prepared for their return. I thought for sure they would never be back after we were gone for so long. Since I had no food for them I just had to ignore them and sadly, they flew away hungry. That day I went to the store and bought some grapes- their cuisine of choice. They LOVE grapes! Red grapes were way cheaper than the green ones on this particular day so I bought the red variety. Grapes are grapes. I paid for my little bunch of grapes and was very happy that I could now feed the birdies the next time they returned.

So they came back and I was all excited and I grabbed 4 or 5 grapes and went out and placed them on their plate (yes they have their own plate that sits on our balcony).

Well they just looked at the plate  like it was full of poison and wouldn’t go near it!! WTF?

I was so confused… they LOVE grapes! So I tried hand feeding them. They did make a minor attempt to act interested but as soon as their little beaks simply touched the outer skin they backed off. I thought hmm… maybe they don’t like the skin. SO i actually bit one in half and tried to feed them the inside of the grape.

Nah… they weren’t having it. They refused to eat the red grapes.

The birds are TOTALLY grape snobs! Spoiled spoiled snobby birds. Today they feasted on green grapes and they were happy.

5 thoughts on “Wine Snobs?”

  1. I still completely love your bird stories. This one had me laughing out loud. I heart your birds!!

    I’d look at it this way – you attract quality. 🙂

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