Whatever happened to the days of bargaining, the days of businesses trying to win your business? I feel like people these days just don’t care- which is surprising since so many businesses in the US are struggling right now. Here’s what I’m talking about…

I’ve been calling and emailing around for quotes for transportation for our wedding. We need a bus to take guests from their hotels to the wedding. So I’ve probably contacted about 6 places. So far my range of quotes has been $700 to $1400 (including gratuity). Well, unfortunately the bus we REALLY want is about $1100. In fairness, his original quote was for $889, but that does not include a tip- which is why I did the math in my head to bring it up to  a rough $1100. When I emailed the guy saying we had quotes of $700-800 (inclusive of gratuity) and could he work with us on the price, here was his response:

There is nothing I can about the cost, the prices are set by the owners.

Doing the math I see that we are only about $177.00 higher. Not $400.00.So you have to ask yourself if that is worth going with a professional company with a impeccable safety record or giving up the safety for price. I am pretty sure the people riding on the bus would not advise you to give up their safety at their cost.

There is NOTHING you can do? REALLY? you are in SALES! Isn’t that your job? Can’t you speak to the owners?

And what the fudge is up with him acting like I am putting my guests’ safety in jeopardy by going with ANY other company. All the other companies I’ve talked to have good safety records as well, plus insurance, plus nice buses… etc.

One company gave me a quote of $1200 minimum. I wrote him back right away saying it was way over our budget and we got otherquotes from $700-800.

No response.

I guess people really aren’t struggling that badly after all. I guess they all have enough business and they don’t need mine. I guess I’m going to keep searching for someone who cares enough to do a bit of bargaining. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Disclaimer: There have been a few really nice people who have provided quotes and in the end, I will most likely go with one of them. I just need to feel like people are actually TRYING to win my business, not that they are trying to educate me on why going with other companies will put my guests’ safety at risk. Idiots.

6 thoughts on “Winning my Business”

  1. Glad it made it to you in one piece…wonder what happened to it on its journey over?
    Maybe it’s just a bus rental company thing, I tried haggling with a few companies last year to take a group of friends and I to a wedding so no one had to drive and it was like haggling with a brick wall! I’m with you, reward the companies who are willing to work with you.

  2. This was my response:

    Also after re-reading your email, unless there is actually hard proof or records, there is nothing to suggest that there is any difference between the ?safety records? of any of the companies that I have contacted ? including yours. Additionally, unless you have installed seat belts, it could be argued that the other buses are actually safer because they definitely do. I am particularly interested in where you have accessed the safety record information on any company that I have contacted seeing as you don?t even know which ones they are.

    Unfortunately, due to your somewhat ridiculous email suggesting we would put our guests in jeopardy due to information which you don?t actually have, the owners won?t be getting our business on that or any other weekend.

  3. omgosh – weddings are wonderful and terrible – people think they can take advantage of the bride with outrageous prices and ridiculous claims.

    Thankfully you’re a lot smarter than that!! 🙂

  4. that’s such rubbish
    we rents vans to transfer people when my family was here in December from a company – just booked out every seat and they did us SUCH a good deal for the number of people we booked for. There is ALWAYS room for negotiation!! good reply 🙂

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