So remember a few posts ago when I had this whole dilemma… “is it spring? Is it summer?I just don’t know because it was coolish and now it’s hot… blah blah blah.”

Yeah I was wrong. Evidently, it is neither spring nor summer.

Winter has returned. 5 straight days of rain and it’s 50 degrees tonight (10c). With the wind and the rain, it’s basically freezing.


So much for my sunny sangria Sundays. We have instead returned to hideous old navy flannel pj pants and heaters.

4 thoughts on “Winter”

  1. LOL. I feel your pain. I can’t be bothered to re-rearrange the whole top shelf of my closet just to take out the heater that I packed away when it was over 30 degrees outside, so I just shiver in my freezing cold bedroom. At least when it’s -20 when I go home for Christmas the house will have central heating. Wow. What a concept.

    1. Hopefully the weather gets better soon. It’s been getting a BIT better the last few days, but I still don’t feel like we’re quite there yet! 🙂

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