Want a surefire way to get skinnier legs? DON’T USE THEM!

My left leg is withering away to nothing. While usually one would think it was great to have their legs shrink and become skinny- it’s not so great when the other leg is still the same size. My calf muscle looks concaved and droopy. My lower thigh looks quite good- but it still doesn’t match the other leg.

I’ve never felt so disproportioned. I’ve never looked at myself and thought “ew, my skinny leg looks gross.” There’s a first for everything I guess.

There is some good news today. Andrew worked. Amazing, I know. He’s off on an overnight shift- his first shift in nearly 2 weeks! I think it’s good for him to be back at work. For the last 2 weeks he’s been like a housewife- cooking, cleaning and taking care of good ol’ gimpy moi. I know it hasn’t been fun for him- but he’s been a good sport. He just needed to get out of the house and fly planes and do math in his head and all that brainy stuff. Hopefully he enjoys his 1 1/2 days of work because after tomorrow, he’ll most likely be off until after New Years.

3 thoughts on “Withering Away”

  1. Somehow through YDU (I’ve been a maniac poster there recently) I found your blog, and I have to say that I love it! It’s awesome to read someone else’s adventures Down Under, since I’m hoping to move there from NYC in a few months. Anyway, this post definitely struck a cord with me–I broke my pelvis this summer and couldn’t bear weight on my left leg for eight weeks. My leg got sooo sickeningly skinny. It was only sick, really, because it was disproportionate…mighta been hot if the other matched? (BTW, it goes back to normal very soon after you can start walking again!) Anyway, I enjoy your writing very much, and I thought I’d let you know! Cheers!

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