I think when you’re in a serious relationship, you tend to wonder what your future children will look like. Ok, maybe that’s only me- I’m sure Andrew NEVER thinks about that. I always worry that our kids will be hideous little snots or they will each pick up our worst traits and end up quite ugly. So Imagine how interested I became when I realized I actually could find out how cute our future brats will be. After reading Daisy’s hilarious post about how her boyfriend so kindly morphed her with a dog to see what “their” children would look like, of COURSE I would have to try this out for myself (minus the dog photo).

I tried it with a few different pictures and got a few different outcomes. So without further ado, meet our children (please note, there are 3 here but there will not be 3 children popping out of this uterus unless I unluckily become a breeder of twins the second time around).

Not sure what’s going on with the hair on this one… but she (yes she) is pretty damn cute. I think this one looks like me when I was little.

This one has some creepy glossy eyes but she’s pretty cute as well.

This kid is probably my least favorite- there’s something weird about his mouth, but I suppose he’s not ugly.

I guess according to weird internet morphing sites our kids won’t be half bad after all.

3 thoughts on “Woah Baby”

  1. omgosh – I don’t know how I missed this post (oh wait yes I do – I’ve been MIA for EVER)

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! your pics looked way better than mine!! Charles and I did it again with real pics of him – they were terribly creepy. lol.

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