WTF? Do I still live in CA?

Saturday afternoon the power went out at my sisters house. It didnt come back on until last night at 11:00pm. By then my sister and her family were checked into a hotel… with air.  Edison “couldn’t figure out what was wrong” Tonight my mom’s friend is staying at our house because they are shutting off her power for the night (and day tomorrow).  There are cooling centers where you can actually go and sleep if it is too hot to sleep at your house. SERIOUSLY????

The brushfires are out of control… the electriciy is on a stage 2 emergency alert- (FYI…stage 3 is rolling blackouts). They say they hope we wont get to that point… but…um… did you read the begining of my post? Seems they are already doing the rolling blackouts and they are just covering their asses by saying the crazy rain is causing problems. Speaking of rain…in july… whats up with that??? It just starts pouring down rain and I wake up to house-shaking thunder yesterday. We watched some Costa Rica style lightning storms Friday night. It’s sticky and sweaty and humid and 90 degrees at night!!johann_humidity.jpg


Seriously?? Did God like pick up southern California and just toss us into the south without telling us? I’m starting to think we are being deceived. I think we all went to sleep one night and he literally just picked up our entire state and threw us over next to texas in the middle of the country. That ocean out there that we can see- well… I hate to break it to you, but that’s not the pacific ocean anymore. It’s the gulf of mexico! The only thing we are missing are the giant flying roaches and cikada bug things… but I’m sure we’ll see those soon. In fact, Nicole’s house already invested in some bug zappers for their back yard.  I think I’m going to get in my car and drive west… or north… or whichever way I have to go to get back to California!!

I mean… I know we have had heat like this before… and even humidity… but i don’t remember it lasting THIS long. Maybe thats just another part of my memory that seems to be fading in my old age.

13 thoughts on “WTF? Do I still live in CA?”

  1. Have you seen the freakin’ sign on the freeway that say ‘flex you power?’ Blah blah blah! How much power do you think those signs are using???

  2. very good point shannon! and im sure someone could tell the trinity brodcasting building off the 405 that they can turn off their christmas lights now… i mean it is july!

  3. honey – queens was out of power for 9 days. please don’t complain. my state sucks more. we have terrorist attacks, power outs, blizzards, subway transit strikes and no central air conditioning.

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