This weekend has been SOOOO boring. I’ve been dogsitting since Friday night and so I’ve been kinda cooped up in a house most of the time. Yesterday my mom saved me from boredom by going to lunch and a movie (see post below). I was able to fill lots of time Friday by watching a marathon of “The Hills.” Now I’m kinda hooked. Then yesterday, I watched a marathon of “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.” Hooked on that too! Damn, I don’t usually like reality shows, but a few hours of boredom is a good way to get sucked in. But today… no reality marathons. So sad. Actually, there are no good shows of ANY kind on today. Sundays are shitty days for TV. I guess most people are out enjoying the beautiful sunny day. NOT ME! Since I am on call today for hospital duty, I can’t really do much because the minute I start to enjoy myself is usually the exact moment I get called in. Last week, I had 3 calls. So far this week, none. I don’t even know if that is a good or bad thing. I guess good- but driving to the hospital and sitting around with traumatized girls would have given me something to do!

At least spending hours talking to my wonderful boyfriend yesterday was nice… (would be better in person); but even he is busy today at work since it is Monday in Australia.

Soooo who will come to my rescue?? None other than my mom, again. Thank goodness for moms. She is bringing me some dinner. Human contact will be nice. The only contact I’ve had today is with a boxer who barks if dust blows by. Waking up at 5:20am to let him out to pee is my favorite part!! He’s a sweet dog. Doesn’t keep me too entertained though.

I did go on a half hour walk. That was nice. I had to move a little so I didn’t go insane from sitting on a couch all day. I feel like such a lazy ass.

Anyways, that’s it for my fab weekend. I assume yours was more productive! Hopefully my mom gets here soon with my food. And hopefully Andrew gets back soon from his flight. Until then, I’ll keep flicking through the stations.

Ooooh… Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Damn, I missed the begining. Oh well- It’s better than Weekend at Bernies.

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  1. having seen both The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants AND Weekend At Bernies, I can tell you that Traveling Pants IS NOT better than Bernies 🙂

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