Here is my version of my loves and (don’t) loves… along with some other thoughts of the week.

1. I love Easter candy, specifically pastel candy corn

2. I love my boyfriend

3. I don’t love my week-long headache from hell. Yes, it literally has lasted a week off and on… mostly on. The other day it was like I had schizophrenia and I couldnt turn the voices off because everything seemed so loud that I just couldnt find a peacful quite spot in my house. Even my peaceful sound machine that sounds like a relaxing babbling brook was driving me nuts when it was on the lowest volume possible. I finally gave in and decided I have migraines even though I don’t see spots and get blurry eyes and crap.

4. I don’t love that Andrew lives over 7000 miles away.

5. I don’t love that he is stressed about finding a new job because the one he has doesn’t give him enough hours/income.

6. I love banana pudding that my mom made yesterday. Too bad everyone ate it all. I really just love most food in general. Most bad food. I’m hungry.

7. I love that I don’t have to wake up at 7 or even 8 every day to go to work.

8. I don’t love my age spots that are becoming so noticable that Jen saw me from across the room thought I had a bruise on my face. I’m not THAT old yet! 🙁


And here are a few other thoughts for the week:

I don’t understand the people who come to they gym with the following:

1. CD players. Ipods (and other MP3 players) have been out for a million years. Get with the times people.

2. Spandex pants and full butt underwear. If you want to wear the full butt, wear loose pants… if you want to wear spandex- invest in a g-string. SOOO many women do this and I just don’t get it!

3. Pink bras under white shirts. You know that you will be sweating like a pig later and you will look like a trashy sorority wet t-shirt contestant.

4. Regular clothes. If you are going to make the effort to work out, at least make an effort to change out of your jeans, work boots and regular t-shirt. You know after you sweat on the treadmill you wont be showering and changing into something else. Gross.


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