grinch.jpgBe prepared- I’m about to bitch and moan.

First of all… WHY are people such IDIOTS?? I have so many examples, but I’ll just provide one for the day. I was driving in the parking structure at South Coast Plaza. Me and one other car were driving behind the lady in this example. I’ll just call her Ms. Moron. So Ms. Moron sees a car pulling out of a spot (lights on) and so she stops in the middle of the aisle to get the spot. Ok, fine… but she stopped in the total MIDDLE of the aisle making it impossible for us to go around her. Still though, this wouldn’t have been a big deal- I?really wouldn’t mind waiting 2 minutes for the lady to park. We do what we have to do to get spots right? Well that would make lots of sense?IF THERE WEREN’T 2 EMPTY SPOTS RIGHT NEXT TO THE CAR THAT WAS PULLING OUT!!

No joke, there was an empty?space 3 spots over (and CLOSER to us and?the entrance of the mall) and there was one directly across from the?spot she was trying to get (again, closer to the entrance). It was impossible for the lady to miss these spots. They were clearly open, right in front of her. She slowly drove right past the first one, but she still could have pulled into the 2nd from where she was sitting… but no- she wanted to wait 2 minutes for the people to pack up their purchases and pull out of their spot. And I should also point out- she didn’t have a big car, she EASILY could have fit into the other spots that were the same exact size as the one she took.

Secondly- I don’t understand WHY people like rain! Yes we need it to live and to make things grow blah blah. But why do people actually enjoy it? I always hear people say “oooh I love the rain!” WHY? What is so fun about being cold and wet? Especially when you have to get in and out of your car 8 times at 8 different stores in the middle of the Christmas rush? The only time rain is nice is when I hear it outside my window as I try to sleep. But I think people who say they really enjoy rainy weather are just bullshitting. Rain, while necessary, is miserable.

Lastly, Christmas shopping 5 days before Christmas is just stupid. I don’t know how people procrastinate and put off their shopping until Christmas Eve. If I had it my way- all my shopping would have been done 3 weeks ago- but that just wasn’t possible since I was in Australia.

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