Yesterday was my first day back doing power yoga and I wanted to punch the teacher in the face. Now, that’s not a bad thing per se, that just means it was tough- which is what I needed.

yogaMy few sessions of  yoga in the states were great for bits of nice stretching and relaxing and I even was a little sore after- but seriously, yesterday I thought I was going to die. After doing power yoga regularly for a few months, I got to the point where I didn’t really need much water during the whole class. I’d sweat a lot but I wouldn’t feel like I was vomit. Well yesterday I was guzzling the water, sweating my ass off and I got to the point where I just could not do one more single chaturanga (kinda like a reverse push-up). I had to take “water breaks” just to try and get some blood to flow back to my brain so I wouldn’t fall over when doing balancing poses. At one point, when the teacher said “ok one more time on the right side” I actually yelled obscene profanities at her (in my head). Once on each side is enough… no need to repeat people!!

But even after all that  agony… even with the pain that has taken over my back, sides and arms… even after losing pretty much all of my body fluids… I still want to go back.

I’m so glad I’ve found one miserable form of exercise that I actually enjoy.

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