For going on 7 years I’ve been practicing yoga on and off. I vary between long periods of “on” and even longer periods of “off” which are usually caused by a lack in finances – yoga is freaking expensive!  But…  yoga is the one form of exercise I actually enjoy and I always feel my best when I’m practicing regularly. I just wish it didn’t cost so much.

So when I’m not stretching and bending and flexing, I try to exercise in other ways. Walks, runs, exercise bike, etc., but since starting D Diet I haven’t been doing much of that either.  I’ve dropped a bit of weight naturally due to the bird seed I eat but that weight loss has made me a bit complacent. At one point I was afraid to burn any more calories because I knew I wasn’t eating enough to make up for it. With that said, I’m eating a bit more now, the weight loss has plateaued and I can’t get lazy. The last thing I want to do is to lose muscle and get all flubbery.

So the other day I went back to yoga for the first time in several months. It felt awesome and by awesome I mean painful… even child’s pose hurt! For those of you who don’t know yoga, this is child’s pose:


Yes, THAT hurt. It is meant to be the easy, relaxing pose you take when you need a break. The fact that even this hurt made me realise that I NEED to get back into yoga.

So I decided to suck it up, pay bucketloads of money and start going again. I purchased a 6 month membership to a yoga and pilates studio near my office which means there’s no excuses. I can go on my lunch break and after work and I’m going to feel great! One of my colleagues even signed up too which means I’ll have someone to go with. I can’t wait to get my body feeling good again!


3 thoughts on “Yoga’s Back”

    1. I hear ya’ Jen. With a few specials I was able to get an unlimited 6 month pass for the same weekly price that a gym membership here would have cost me so I snatched up the deal.

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