Have I mentioned how cheesy me and Andrew are with each other?? Well after the last post about wine tasting, I’m sure its pretty obvious, but in case there was any doubt, I’ll post our text conversation from earlier.

Me: My car says it’s 39 degrees (104) at my sister’s house.

Andrew: 🙂 I wish it was that here. Low cloud and pissing rain.

Me: Yuck, I hope it doesn’t rain much when I’m there

Andrew: How could it? you bring too much sunshine into my life.

12 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine”

  1. andrew you don’t like me!??! WTF jerky! watch out. i got new york attitude and i’ll whoop your ass. i swear it.

    also, i’m single. so you if you know any hot aussie’s with tattoos, no job and dirty hair, give ’em my number.

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