Yumdiddly #1- Grapelberry Fizz

This weekend was full of yummy drinks and dinners and treats so I thought I’d tell you about them in a series of Yumdiddly blog posts.

Here comes post number 1- Friday Game Night

Kristin hosted a game night and 10 of us gathered in Northbridge to play some Cranium and Apples to Apples… games = good times. Not only was it fun, it was a tasty night as well. The takeout Thai was good and  so was the phenomenal brie and sweet chili dip- I really need to buy some of that stuff!! Kristin even made a nice little dessert of fresh strawberries and ice cream. On top of all the great food, I also finally got to try my dream drink. By “dream drink” I don’t mean that it’s the best drink I’ve ever had or anything. I literally mean I had a dream about this. A few months ago I invented it in my head as I slept and therefore decided to try it out to see how it tastes. Well I think my nifty new drink concoction was pretty good and a little too easy to drink.  I like to call it “Grapleberry Fizz.” It’s not the classiest of names, but it’s fun to say and describes all aspects of the drink- so here’s the recipe in case you want to try some Grapleberry Fizz for yourself!

(Measurements aren’t precise since I made it  using about 5 different ratios throughout the night)

  • 1 short/lowball glass
  • grape vodka (I did about 2 shots)
  • soda water (filled ’til glass was about 3/4 full)
  • cranberry juice (topped up)
  • fresh squeezed lime juice (to taste)

So the review?? It was good- sweet but not TOO sweet and reminded me of a grape sucker. Andrew thought it was disgusting and Kris thought it tasted like grape Hubba Bubba.

Coming up on the next Yumdiddly…

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